10 Benefits of Mobile Website

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Needless to say that we are in the world of mobile and smartphone era, thus we simply can’t ignore the fact that our majority of the audience is on the go on their mobiles. There are several ways to optimize a website for the mobile-viewing experience. Here are a few traits we often see in sites that have been implemented with mobile in mind:

  1. Sites are quick to load.  – With increasing speed of mobile internet and bandwidth mobile browsing speed is increasing each day. Thus with faster speed, user don’t mind surfing websites through their smartphones.
  2. Sites have less text. –  Mobile websites are set with less data as there is less area to display, so you get to display only what your customers want to see hence increasing customers experience.
  3. There are fewer moving parts.-  As there is less content thus the customer only focuses on what is being shown to him and doesn’t easily navigate out of the website.
  4. There are fewer pop-ups. –  Very few or none pop ups allows the user not to navigate out of your webpage.
  5. There are fewer text boxes to fill out. – Smaller forms, smaller data, faster work, faster processing.
  6. Menus are simplified drop-downs. –  Easy to use and navigate menu increases users experiences.
  7. Contact information is strongly featured. – In the face contact details for your customers to reach you faster.
  8. Store hours are large and in charge. – Time spent on mobile by users is increasing at a fast pace thus users can spend more time thus more conversion.
  9. Calls-to-action information are prominent. –  Action buttons are directly focused on customers screen thus more chances of conversion.
  10. Buttons are large and easily targeted. – With some good UI/UX techniques you can always turn your customers to your product page.

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