How to Increase Traffic on your website

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We are going to share top 10 methods of attracting more traffic to your website, though you may of heard of these before also but execution is the key. here is how to effectively use these –

  1. Advertise – Go Local, Advertise with a fixed budget in your market. Dont just rely on Digital Marketing, also go for outdoor marketing like newspaper inserts, sponsorship etc.
  2. Get Social – You can find over 80% of your customers on social media sites like facebook, twitter or linkedin. For connecting them for business purposes and B2B deals LinkedIn has emerged as a very effective platfrom where as facebook is more effective for B2C companies. Twitter has always been good a virtual customer care support.
  3. Write Irresistible Headlines – The headlines of your text, articles or any content publised on internet or your site is most important. An eye catchy line will always attract followers to your site and will entice them to click on your links.
  4. Strong S.E.O – This being the most effective way to always remain in front of your customers. A good SEO ensures that your website is always on the first page of google search. So when anyone searches for keywords relevant to your business, it ensures that your website comes first. The better site rank, the better flow of traffic.
  5. Blog – Writing is very essential. People follow a brand/company not just for their product but also for the additional info they get about product maintenance, industry and specific knowledge. A blog every week will ensure that you are always connected to your followers and their comments will make you understand their behaviour toward your product.
  6. Referral Traffic – A good writing is considered great when it attracts customers to your webpage. You can always write some articles of various other blogging platform or directories and can easily attrack customers from their site to yours just by posting good relevant content.
  7. Email Marketing – Old is Gold. Though many of us ignore few mails but most of us check our complete mail box and why not we click on it if the subject line says “Special offer only for you Ms. xxx”. ¬†Weekly newsletter is a very effective way of engaging with your customers and you can also keep a tab of who has opened your mail and how many mails bounced.
  8. Responsive Site – Google MVP pages and responsive sites are a must these days. If your website is not responsive even google will lower its ranking. Maximum people open websites through their smart phones these days, thus you have to ensure you dont leave a bad impact to your visitors.
  9. Site Analysis – Google Insights, its a must. You need to be aware of the footfall on your site, how many returning customers are there, how many left your site in couple of seconds, at what time of the day do you usually get more customers and many such analysis will help you forecast your product better
  10. Graphical Content – Effective use of Images and Videos will ensure that your customer is happy on the website. A website with good quality images increases the stay time of visitor by 10-15%

Thus with these few techniques that wont take much of your time, you can surely be ahead of your competitors.



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